General Remodeling


General Remodeling

This is where things get interesting!

Over the years, we’ve taken on a multitude of projects ranging from Asphalt Work to Window Installation. We’ve installed Walk-In Vaults and Built Chicken Coops. We’ve learned that if we can provide full Bathroom Remodels and Kitchen Renovations, we can provide services in every other remodeling industry.

If a home owner wants to upgrade their home, why tell them you will only do their Kitchen or their Bathroom? We see a market opportunity here.

One of the reasons Sublime Contracting was founded is because of major companies taking advantage of home owners and employees, alike. There’s no reason to gouge a homeowner, and there’s no reason to under pay your Professional Craftsmen.

Having said that, Sublime Contracting offers General Remodeling Services in the following Skilled Trades;

Sheet Rock Work, Knock-Down Texture, Framing, Plumbing, Flooring, Electrical, Tile Installation, Trim/Millwork, Demolition & Disposal, Fence Installation, Deck Installation, LED Lighting, Painting, Window Installation, Door Installation, Concrete Driveways, and Patios. The is a one-stop shop for any homeowner that is planning to upgrade their home.

By becoming Master Craftsmen with Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, it inadvertently created skills in other marketable trades. Why not offer the services?

We’ve spent many years searching for Quality Craftsmen that perform highly skilled services in various fields. As you can tell from our reviews and from our gallery, this massive undertaking has been a success!

Are you looking for the best local remodeler to complete your home renovation project? If so, Sublime Contracting has a great reputation for giving fair estimates and completing general remodeling projects. We are a basement remodeler and basic remodeling company. Sublime Contracting is the best remodeling company in Kansas City. Want to find the best remodelers and best installers?

Call us today. We also have some of the best floor installers, granite installation services, and remodeling professionals Call Today for a home renovation estimate, bathroom renovation estimate, kitchen renovation estimate, kitchen remodeling estimate, home remodeling estimate, or bathroom remodeling estimate!

Sublime Contracting Has Extensive Experience With General Remodeling