Cedar Wood Fencing

Sublime Contracting offers a wide range of fencing solutions.

We specialize in Ornamental Fencing, Privacy Fencing, Spaced Picket Fencing, Shadow Box Fencing, Driveway Gates, Walk Gates, Gate operators, and so much more!

Our Ornamental Fencing materials are made right here in the USA by Ameristar Fencing. Every Ameristar product carries a Lifetime Warranty!

All of our wood fences are built using Western Red Cedar. At Sublime Contracting, we weigh cost versus value. Ultimately, for a couple of extra bucks per foot, you can get a superior Cedar Fence.

Cedar has a natural ability to absorb moisture and release it without causing rot due to wicking. A Western Red Cedar core is also a natural deterrent to bugs and termites, unlike pressure-treated lumber.

Every post we set gets a footing that is set beneath the frost line because Sublime Contracting likes to guarantee the work! If the footing isn’t properly set beneath the frost line, the post will slowly be forced up, and out of the ground. This is caused when water gets beneath the footing and freezes, expanding and contracting year after year. It’s a mistake that can be avoided!

As you can tell, Sublime Contracting is excited to build a new privacy fence for you. Also explore options with chainlink fencing, wood fencing, iron fencing, ornamental fencing, and vinyl fencing. We consider ourselves to be one of the best fence companies in Kansas City. If you want professional fence installers and a great fence company, call Sublime for your fencing needs.

When it comes to fencing, the options truly are endless. Give us a call for a free fence quote!

Advantages of Cedar Wood Fencing


Appearance Wood fencing can be customized in ways few other materials can. Whether you want simple white pickets, or you’d prefer something a little more elaborate, a cedar fence can accommodate your needs.

Additionally, since there are so many different types of wood, you can find the type that perfectly fits your home, and your yard’s needs. Whether you want sturdy oak, rich cherry, or a hardwood like mahogany, your wood fencing is limited only by your imagination.


Durability When it comes to fencing, many people think of cedar as something that folds in the face of the elements. Wood couldn’t possibly stand up to aluminum, or iron, could it? It can, actually.

Cedar wood fencing that’s been appropriately treated, and which is designed to be left out in the wind, rain, and snow, can last for years. Years can stretch into decades if homeowners make sure to perform regular, annual maintenance on their fences, checking weak spots and giving the wood extra layers of protection with paint, and other coatings.

Cedar doesn’t rust, which is an important point to remember if you’re investing in a fence for the life of your home.


Cost Wood, by and large, is one of the least expensive things you can build a fence out of. Stone fences might look lovely, and make you feel secure, but there’s a reason that kings and queens had stone walls, while people who weren’t royalty didn’t.

Wrought iron fencing can be just as expensive, and it needs to be maintained a lot more often than stone does in order to hold onto its strength. Even buying exotic hardwood fencing won’t be as expensive as these other options, and more standard kinds of cedar wood fencing are going to be much more affordable for the average homeowners. Especially when you consider that a wood fence is an investment in your home and property.


Increase in Property Value When you add a cedar fence to your home, you’re not just putting up something that grants privacy, and which gives you an added measure of security.

You’re adding something that will make your home more valuable when it goes on the market. Of all the upgrades you could make to your home and property, a fence is one of the best investments. While things like a swimming pool or attached conservatory might be more exotic, a fence is one of the most solid investments you can make. Its value has never decreased, and it will appeal to other homeowners

Montage Leading Residential Steel Fence Our Montage line of ornamental fences is the leader in residential steel fencing. The styles available with the Montage give a residence the elegant look of wrought-iron fencing without the expensive maintenance demanded by traditional wrought-iron.

Montage Pool, Pet & Play Our Montage Pool, Pet and Play (PPP) is an ideal choice for a dog fence, pool fence or child safety fence. It was created to combat safety concerns in these application. The primary difference in Montage PPP is the 3″ airspace between pickets